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Upcoming Character Videos!

A recent poll I made about which videos I should publish next on the Zentient YouTube channel received an overwhelming response of "make videos introducing the characters!"

Since then, I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to do this in a time efficient manner while also making something the viewers would enjoy.

Here's a few ideas I'm considering:

  • Making a 2 - 3 paragraph monologue for each of the main characters, which will be rendered in a dialogue box and typed out, along with accompanying "vocals" (like how it will be in the game itself). Each character will have different vocals rendered with their text. There will be a static image of that character in the background, and maybe some animated effects layered over the video, along with some mood music.

  • Using what I've already created for the game to basically make "cutscenes" for the purpose of these videos. So that would be the sprites, dialogue boxes, sound effects, and music. The only problem is that I'm still deciding what I should show to the public. I don't want to ruin anything for you guys!

  • Making a small animatic centered around 1 - 2 (maybe 3, in a rare case) of the characters per video. The text will be presented in a dialogue box and typed out, along with accompanying "vocals." There would also be sound effects and music. For this one, I may ask for artists to help me! I'm afraid I couldn't commission it, but if anyone is looking to volunteer for a little extra exposure, feel free to contact me! I predict there would be 8 images per video.

Feel free to comment if you have suggestions or an opinion about which one of these videos you'd like to see!


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