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"Feedback 4 Art" Art Raffle

Good morning, everyone.

I've been looking for some feedback on the new website design. It's something I've struggled with for years, sometimes feeling pretty good about it, sometimes not, but I'd really like to stick to a specific design. I have a direction I'm going, which is fairly minimalist. Simple graphics that are hopefully interesting.

I'd like to encourage people to give a few thoughts on how they feel about the design, so last night I created an art raffle. The art raffle is being hosted on Twitter, and to enter you'll need to retweet my post about it and also fill out a survey about the websites design. You only need to provide four answers, which are just ratings. You aren't required to write anything! There's an option for you to add your thoughts at the end.

The winner shall receive one art piece from me of any one character they'd desire to have me draw.

The raffle will continue until the 22nd of May, 12:00AM (PST)

I will announce a winner the next day.

Conditions to enter the art raffle:

  • Retweet my post about the art raffle.

  • Fill out the survey.

  • Give me your Twitter handle at the end of the survey.

Conditions for requesting art as the winner:

  • One art piece, any one character you'd like.

  • Humans and anthros are what I'm best at, and I'm decent at animals. Anything else is at your own risk. :P

  • Will do pinups.

  • Won't do extreme fetish stuff.

  • Won't do extreme gore.

Thank you for taking a look!

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