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Progress Update - 3/10/2018

Some areas I've made progress in have been excluded from this list in order to avoid spoilers. ;)

Progress over the past month...

  • Fixed a puzzle in the xxxxxxxxx. It's now using an array instead of a single variable. The old way was just nooooot working!

  • Created the first Pugly cutscenes and began building Pugly's xxxx room.

  • Created a new character spriteset! (but who?)

  • I've created almost every asset for the room that features the final cutscene. I nearly forgot how time consuming it is to make an entire room! This includes new spritesets (1/4 completed), new animated portraits (1/4 completed), unique animations for the protagonist (2/2 completed), unique lighting, objects to fill the room, and dialogue/eventing.

  • Object sprites created: A special tree (featured in an undisclosed location), a broken down car, a new sprite to resemble an object in your inventory, and a new door for the area featured in the final cutscene.

  • Added more dialogue to Emilie and Alexander so that the player can bug some interesting information out of them.

  • Been adding layers behind windows that will move when the player walks around to create the illusion of changing perspective.

  • Fixed layer numbering system for both calling the layers and the layer key. This is purely for organization, but important none the less. I had about 33 layers to sort. During this, I had to write down all of the maps I currently have done and what their numbers were. As it turns out, I'm one map short of 60. Good lord.

  • Finding and replacing lousy ways of controlling self switches in order to streamline the code.

  • The lighting has now been completely overhauled! While I am still using Khas's Awesome Light Effects, I've re-made all of the images used for the lighting effects. For a while now, I've been struggling with how the soft shading of the light images I used kind of spoiled the whole "pixel art" style I was going for. Now that I've figured out how to quickly dither large canvases, I decided to take a big step and re-make all of the lighting effects in pixel art! Huzzah!

Here's a look at the new lighting:


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