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Fleshport Progress Update - 4/30/2018

Here's a few of the updates I've made to the game over the past month and a half!

  • Drew, animated, and made cutscenes for all portal (Fleshport) related instances.

  • Created another spriteset for the end game cutscene. (2/4 completed)

  • Object sprites created: Various broken down vehicles, window decor for Nevire's mansion, rubble for a specific scene, a moon in the night sky of Ava Park, and updated the trees, ect;

  • Updated save mechanic, which included a new sound effect.

  • Created a new music track called "Feeling Empty." It's rather short, and I hope to lengthen it, but it sounds alright!

  • Updated Geoffrey's sprite.

  • Drew and animated Geoffrey's portrait.

  • Created another animated sprite for Sadie for when she's on break.

  • Created sprite and animated portrait for .

  • Updated a few bits of dialogue I felt needed to be cleaned up.

  • Created the final rooms in which the "boss battle" (or perhaps "boss puzzle? I'm not sure what to call it) takes place. It's still pretty flawed and I'd like to make it way better before the beta testers play the game.

  • Created room xxxxxxx. Game play and visuals have been created for it. It's in a presentable state.

  • Created a two more rooms, a men and women's bathroom for the xxxxxxxxxx. We're at 70 maps now! Jeeeeze!

  • Fleshport now has a win condition! The game can be played from start to finish. The last 1/4th of the game is a little rough due to under development, but I shall clean it up while the beta testers are testing the mechanics.

Take a look at Geoffrey's animated portrait:

(It's been tweaked a little since this image was created)

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