In this horror-adventure game, you play as a child lost in a parallel dimension where cannibalism is a normal facet of every day life and outsiders are on the menu.

You must flee, hide, and misdirect various threats as you find your way to a portal that will deliver you back home.

The gameplay is puzzle and exploration orientated.

Content Warning: Fantasy violence, blood, small instances of flashing lights, tobacco references.


  • OS: Windows - CAN'T WORK ON MAC

  • SPACE: 80 MB

Notes: When playing the game full screen, a few pixels may be cut off depending on your monitor's resolution.


Terms of Use

By downloading the game [Fleshport®] you are agreeing to these terms of use:

  1. You may not sell or redistribute illegal [unpaid for] copies of the game.

  2. You may not sell or redistribute assets (e.g. artwork, sound effects, music) owned by Zentient®.

  3. Third party assets belong to their respective owners. You may only use them as implied in their respective terms of use.

  4. If you make a "let's play" of the game, please have a link to this page available in the description. Thank you!

  5. The game cannot be refunded. Please play the demo so that you know the game works on your computer and that you're interested in playing more of it!

  6. Zentient® is not liable for any damages as the result of downloading or playing the game.

Please play the demo before buying the full game!

I want you to be happy with your purchase!

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(concept-design-artwork-animation-music-sound effects-programming) 

Zen, Zentient®

(script resources)
Shaz, Melosx, Traverse, Khas, Galv, Yanfly, TheoAllen, DiamondandPlatinum3, Eshra, and Victor

Special Thanks

❧ Shaz, Melosx, Traverse, Khas, Galv, Yanfly, TheoAllen, DiamondandPlatinum3, Eshra, and Victor, for providing the community with wonderful scripts that have helped many developers bring their ideas to life.

❧ All the helpful and supportive users in the RPG Maker forums.

❧ My fans, who have enthusiastically supported this project since I announced it.

❧ My family and friends, who have kept my spirits up, showing unwavering support, and for helping me get the tools I needed to make this game what it is.


❧ The people who created the games I love, for inspiring not only the themes used in my game, but also the work ethic that made their games so great.

❧ To anyone who gives this game a chance.

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